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Contemporary art gallery: <p> <strong>INLUSIO |</strong> <span style="background-color:#00ff00;">The Test Tube</span></p>

”Inlusio” | Lital Nidam


Lital Nidam’s works hold a secret and demand deciphering.


As in the name of the exhibition – “Inlusio”, the viewers are invited to follow and participate in a game created by Nidam, a game whose traces are printed. Ostensibly Nidam creates a lunar-scenic, sometimes corporeal world, in which the exposed forms perform a kind of refined choreography and emerge with a thrust of energy. The works, as the continuous product of a long study with which the artist has been engaged for several years, track the changing and dynamic appearance of light. In this series, the works are based on a long and complex construction of material-sculptural systems through which the image is formulated.


The resulting image appears in the works like a mirage – concrete but abstract, immortalized but temporary, unique. The photograph tries to capture what no longer exists. It is a poetic moment in which the universe created by Nidam is in fact a kind of black hole, or a star that had died millions of years ago. The crispy, soft-as-scarfs light waves momentarily construct a material event which the artist “captures” in an absurd attempt to give meaning to or comprehend a hidden, chaotic and process-governed regularity. In fact the process of constructing the works, with its element of coincidence and playfulness, point to our inability and powerlessness against the regularity of nature and the world. Nidam’s attempt to achieve an understanding of this kind is doomed in advance to fail. The attempt itself is the success of this series of works.


Every work in the series asks the viewer to give in to an illusion. Formalistically and conceptually, these are works based on contrasts; it is in the middle, between these two poles, that the moment of epiphany is supposed to occur.


Like every exhibition, this one also seeks to maintain with its viewers an unwritten agreement. The viewers are invited to take part in the game, to give in to the illusion, to point to the concrete within the abstract, to experience the beauty and not be afraid of the poetic and the sublime, and in return they are guaranteed a strange and fascinating journey through Nidam’s playful deceptions of light.


Anat Betzer


* inlusio (Latin) means entering the world of play.