Synchronicity / Beings


“Synchronicity” is a series of one-day long exhibitions featuring a joint action from afar, between artists and across continents. The joint activity occurs simultaneously in different spaces, one in the gallery and the other somewhere else in the world, thus leaping over the gap of locality and expanding the site into a further site which extends through the screen.


Ron Erlih’s work poetically sketches the space that lies between the virtual and the real, where it tries to find the sublime. His works raise questions concerning the renewed existence of the human body which is constantly created and consumed between the worlds, and about the possibility of a new synchronic existence.

Erlich invites the net artist Philipp Rödel (Leipzig, Germany) to a journey of creating a shared and changing environment of images and information.


The virtual space has made us closer than ever, and more present than ever. The new togetherness seems opposed to the way human beings today actually feel close to each other. The images and texts projected on the walls of the gallery are the result of a process of filtering and searching across the wide expanses of the internet. The images keep changing. Like in a giant web of neurons, the works influence one another reciprocally, evoking memories, emotions and associative stories connected to each other by digital ties. Ron Ehrlich creates a virtual site-specific, multi-spatial work that emerges from the viewers’ body, spreads over the gallery walls, wanders into the depths of the net, and resurfaces from far away geographical locations.

The randomness that underpins the virtual dynamic is the picture of the moment. Randomness appears as an existential element, and human perception as context-dependent and lacking a separate independent existence.

The gallery space, as a picture of contemplating the contemporary world, reflects a world in which our actions are realised in no time, space and time are shortened to the blink of an eye, and the limits of the human body are changed and destabilised. The new existence is synchronic, an existence in which the faces, the names, the words and the spaces are formed one out of the other and influence each other in a new type of presence.

The gallery space as a meditation process, being without resistance to all that surrounds and arises, and in it the experience of the body as extending, disappearing, becoming everything.



Adiya Porat, Curator