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Ronny Carny – Organizer

“Art is a laboratory and also a feast of implemented possibilities”

Ernst Bloch, The Principle of Hope, 1959

Ronny Carny’s solo exhibition presents nineteen recent collages on paper and plywood divided in series. The title Carny chose for this show –Organizer- expresses the artist’s creative process. Indeed, rather than a reasoning on art or art history, the artist considers her works as a meditation guided by an intuitive choreography kept between strict rules. It isn’t surprising Carny’s preference goes to collages. As a matter of fact, this particular form of art, by its rejection of doctrines and normative rules isn’t fed by traditional art philosophy.

In Carny’s work, the existing material, such as the papers and cards from the 1980’s she collects, is integrated to the creative process. The artistic action takes two steps: deconstruction-scattering, followed by reconstruction-concentration.  Once the papers chosen, cut out and classified, Carny starts playing with her fragments and arranging and re-arranging them until she finds a connection. Much like the vertebras needed to support a body, the artist selects matching pieces and then organizes the puzzle according to her own harmony.

The organization and re-organization of the fragments on the new support she chose for them is a dynamical movement made of sliding and displacements towards a vacant space which articulates the ambivalent composition. Out of their original context, the pieces of paper reorganized in rhythmic gaps and intervals, create a new aesthetically coherent presence.

It is the delicate object in itself that Carny wants us to gaze at, the meaning and significance of it remaining in the unsaid. The space between the artist’s vanishing lines, made of interruptions and discontinuities opens the perspective of a world ruled by emotion rather than knowledge and sensations rather than explanations.

If together with Charles Baudelaire we are to think that “All the visible universe is nothing but a shop of images and signs” (Esthetic Curiosities IX, 1868), the process of atomization happening in Carny’s collages isn’t a renunciation of meaning, but rather the proposal of a new language.

Laura Schwartz

Ronny Carny (born in 1980 in Israel) is a graduate from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and the Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Vienna.  She lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Her previous solo exhibitions were held at the Ramat Gan Museum (2014), Bezalel MFA graduate exhibition (2011) and Darom Gallery (2009).
She is the recipient of the Mandel Foundation Prize (2006) and the Bezalel's Art Department Excellence Prize (2006).