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Contemporary art gallery: <p> A Campaign - Working Title<br />  </p>
Ron Erlih
A Campaign – Working Title
April 30, 2015 – June 15, 2015
A Campaign – Working Title is a six weeks long online performance. In a crowd funding
campaign on Kickstarter™, titles and directions for yet-to-be-made online art works are offered to be commissioned. It originated with a series of recorded conversations and studio visits with artists, curators, writers and collectors in New York, in the beginning of September 2014. The material for this performance is made from those discussions about art, life, and this work itself, but more than anything, it discusses WHAT IS REAL?
This campaign wishes to open conversations online, with you, and to accordingly guide this performance further.
We have always been about Representation. The internet’s way of circulation points that out,
sometimes in an all too well manor. In between feeds, profiles, baby animals images, spam, and
tailored adverts, this online performance find s a comfortable place and tries to meditate on what reality is constituted of in a world governed by representation and post-production and to push that realness further in a mindful way. More than the funding and financial aspect of the project, the viewers’ minutes of attention and a real share of thoughts is the most valuable reward.
I want to thank all the kind people who donated their time and spirit, and the one who will as well.
Vito Acconci, Yaelle Amir, Perry Bard, Barbara Bloemink, A.K Burns, Jill Conner, Joao Enxuto, Tamar Ettun, Sima Familant, Nadine Faraj, Gianni Jetzer , Anna Kustera, Stephan Maine, Cameron Martin, Eva and Franco Mattes, Angel Navarez , David Scanavino, Jonathan Schouela Barry Schwabsky, Laura Schwartz, Amy SmithStewart , miss Ali Spechler, Gary Stephan, Mark Tribe and the MFA program at the at the School of Visual Arts. And to the ones I forgot at 3 am: I apologize.