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Contemporary art gallery: <p> <span style="font-size:36px;">Explorer</span></p>



Notions of Space exploration and navigation, themes of this exhibition, are coupled with attempts to establish motion, albeit inhabited, and the act of wandering through passages, entries and exits, openings and closures. Although its initial purpose to find an escape route, the action of roaming concludes with the mere possibility of the fact, or in other words arrives at a dead-end. The exhibition´s title, which draws on high-tech and internet related jargon, implies a dimension of discovery and unearthing, and stands in stark contrast to the low-tech hand-made nature of the works which are comprised of rudimentary and plain materials. The twofold face of the Internet, gifting us with countless possibilities never to materialize, is reflected in the sense of frustration and limitation conveyed by the pieces.


Owing to a strong emphasis placed on their architecture, structure and relation to space, the pieces retain a sculpture-like, material presence even when presented in bi-dimensional formats and displayed on walls. Optical illusions, disguised objects and other deceiving elements are prevalent in all pieces. Frequent references are made to indeterminate places. Several pieces include some form of cryptography or hint at an underlying secret, an encoded message, to be deciphered in order to overcome the obstacles and carry on the quest for a loophole. Another mutual aspect of the pieces is their ambiguous nature, both inviting and repulsive, egging the spectator on and warding him off all at once.


Gili Avissar | Tomer Azulay | Lihi Chen | Ra'anan Harlap | Peter Jacob Maltz | Haran Mendel
Gilead Keydar | Angela Klein


Curator: Iris Mendel